18 Jan 2016

5 Reasons Why Office Design Matters

Jan 18 2016
18 Jan 2016
5 Reasons Why Office Design Matters

Many companies overlook the importance of designing an office. Employees that work in a cubicle-filled office are working in an uninspiring environment where they are isolated. An office’s design should consider branding in order to portray the message and goals of a company.

Why Office Design Matters

How an office is designed impacts our emotions, how productive we are, and our creativity. Here are the 5 most important reasons why office design matters.

1) Employee Morale

There are several design elements that can impact employee morale: lighting, room colors, and space. Studies have shown how getting more sunlight improves a person’s mood and creates an effective workplace. Instead of getting an office location with few windows, look to find one that receives a lot of sunlight.

The Fast Company mentioned how employees need enough room but not too much room. Having a wide open office can be distracting for employees, but employees need enough space to move around. The article also mentioned how a room’s color enriches our experience because it enlivens the space surrounding us.

2) Employees Become More Creative

If you pictured a creative work environment, how would it look? Would you be able to focus better in a crowded office or in an office of your own? Taking these questions into account when you’re setting up an office will help you instill creativity. UpDesk says that when you’re planning office space, it’s best to think like an inner city urban planner. Creating specific zones will give employees places in the office where they can interact with each other.

3) It’s a Branding Opportunity

Employees and clients are more invested in a company when a company is more invested in itself. Putting thought into your office’s design tells your employees that you value them and you have a vision for the company. Which is what branding is all about. It’s about having a brand identity, positioning your company  to reflect that identity, and illustrating personality.

4) Departmental Goals

Different departments have different goals, so designing your office space the same way for each department is a mistake. For designers, creativity is important, but it’s not as important for a successful sales team. Having different sections for your departments and organizing each section in a specific way will help maximize how effective each department is.

5) Increased Efficiency

When you can accomplish all of these office design elements, you’ll see improvements to your company’s overall efficiency. But to truly be efficient, it’s really up to the company to decide who is sitting where and why. How you organize your employees can significantly increase how effective a company will be.


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