Our team of experts share their knowledge on several commercial real estate topics.

Catering to Your Customers or Staff

May 07 2018 | By: KathodeRay Media

There are many options for catering in the No Mad. From restaurants to catering services, they are all within reach. With so many options, the hardest part may be picking which one! The best thing, depending on your budget, is that you can easily host a different menu every month and spend the whole year …

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Choosing the Best Office Layout for Your Workplace

Feb 15 2018 | By: KathodeRay Media

If you are a smart company, you know understanding that workspaces are often a business tool that can help you choose the right layout for your workplace. An office space reflects and reinforces a business’s values. From the placement of different teams to the specifics of design elements that reflect culture, brand, values and in …

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Things To Do In The Flatiron District

Feb 15 2018 | By: KathodeRay Media
Things to Do in The Flatiron District

 When visiting the Flatiron district, there’s a host of things to do and see. New York City is a beautiful place to visit because there truly is something for everyone to enjoy. Here’s some of our favorites.

Union Square

Union Square is a beautiful meeting space. It has …

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Why Resimercial Design Matters

Dec 04 2017 | By: KathodeRay Media

It’s no secret that the modern office is changing. The impersonal, character-lacking cubical days are long gone. Nowadays it’s about collaborative spaces, providing options for employees and the ability to move freely. Offices that have a more “home” feel continue to raise in popularity. The evolution of technology has allowed many to go mobile and …

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Designing Your Flatiron District Office Space

Nov 10 2017 | By: KathodeRay Media

Many different factors can affect the design of your new Flatiron District Office Space. From employee engagement to the history of the District, you should consider more than just what color of paint to choose! Workspaces need to be flexible promote movement and prevent isolation. Here are 5 points to consider when designing your Flatiron …

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Top 3 Manhattan Office Lease Negotiation Tips

Jun 26 2017 | By: KathodeRay Media

In the highly competitive Manhattan real estate market, finding a lease that works for all aspects of your business is important. In some cases, the right lease can be the difference between having room to grow or barely scraping by. That’s why negotiation of your office lease is vital to business success. Follow these office …

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