Our team of experts share their knowledge on several commercial real estate topics.

Why Open-Office Space Design is Popular with Tech and Design Companies in Manhattan

Mar 20 2017 | By: KathodeRay Media

An open-office plan can benefit a company’s productivity, which is why so many tech and design companies in Manhattan are using at least partial open-office design concepts in their office space. Like all trends, it has its detractors, but used well, an open office will help your company grow.

Leveling the Field

An open-office space …

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3 Reasons New York’s Flatiron District Is an Easy Commute

Nov 23 2016 | By: KathodeRay Media

An important factor to consider when choosing your office location is the daily commute. Everyone knows that New York City’s crowds can lead to long commute times — the longest in the nation according to a 2015 report — but the right location can shorten your employees’ commute considerably. That location? The Flatiron District!…

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3 Different Kinds of Office Space

Sep 09 2016 | By: KathodeRay Media

Finding the right office space for your business can be tricky. If you’re not familiar with the process, you’re probably not sure what you should be looking for. Not every office space is a single office in a building with a reception area and a few individual rooms. Offices vary, so it’s important to know …

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Why Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker?

Aug 11 2016 | By: KathodeRay Media

If you’re looking for a new office for your business, it can quickly become a time consuming task. Are you prepared to handle employee growth projections, relocation, and the lease all by yourself?

The process holds a lot of unfamiliarities that many business owners don’t have any experience with. But a lot of people aren’t …

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10 Handy Commercial Lease Negotiation Tips

May 26 2016 | By: KathodeRay Media

A favorable commercial lease can set up your business for success. A poor one can be the reason a business fails.  So when the success of your business hinges on how well you negotiate a commercial lease, you want to make sure you not only understand everything inside it but have also agreed on a …

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20 Common Leasing Mistakes Office Tenants Should Avoid

Apr 28 2016 | By: KathodeRay Media

Are you making preparations for a new lease agreement?

If you are, you should consider these leasing mistakes to assure that you’re not already making the same mistakes. As an office tenant, you want to secure a deal that you feel comfortable moving forward with. Outlined below are the worst ways to go about accomplishing …

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Calculating How Much Office Space You Need

Apr 18 2016 | By: KathodeRay Media

There are several things to consider when trying to calculate how much office space you need and the amount of office space needed per person.

Your business has to consider price, you have to consider if your company is going to grow or shrink, as well as several other considerations. This guide tackles a question …

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