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5 Things You Must Consider Before Relocating Offices

Mar 23 2016 | By: KathodeRay Media

Companies move for several reasons, such as space, location, and newer amenities. Before your next move, it’s important to consider all factors involved to see if the benefits are worth the costs. Here are several points to consider.

Considerations for Relocating Offices 1) What is Your Budget?

There are several questions to ask yourself to …

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A Quick Guide to Finding & Leasing Office Space in Manhattan

Mar 08 2016 | By: KathodeRay Media

There’s a lot to consider when trying to find office space for your business.

This guide offers a simple and quick solution your questions. It provides business owners with the necessary steps for planning, researching, and leasing an office in Manhattan.

Planning: 1) Familiarize Yourself with Common Terms

The National Association of Realtors assembled a …

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5 Reasons Why Office Design Matters

Jan 18 2016 | By: KathodeRay Media

Many companies overlook the importance of designing an office. Employees that work in a cubicle-filled office are working in an uninspiring environment where they are isolated. An office’s design should consider branding in order to portray the message and goals of a company.

Why Office Design Matters

How an office is designed impacts our emotions, …

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