23 Nov 2016

3 Reasons New York’s Flatiron District Is an Easy Commute

Nov 23 2016
23 Nov 2016
3 Reasons New York’s Flatiron District Is an Easy Commute

An important factor to consider when choosing your office location is the daily commute. Everyone knows that New York City’s crowds can lead to long commute times — the longest in the nation according to a 2015 report — but the right location can shorten your employees’ commute considerably. That location? The Flatiron District!

1. Catch the Train from Anywhere

No matter where you or your employees live – whether it be Clinton Hill, Williamsburg, the Upper East Side, or even the Bronx – almost any train will take you directly to 23rd Street in the Flatiron District.

The N and R both stop at the intersection of Broadway and E23rd, right between the Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park. The 4, 5, and 6 stop less than a block away at the intersection of Park Avenue South and E23rd. The F and M are at the intersection of the Avenue of the Americas and W23rd. The 1 and 2 trains stop only two blocks from the Flatiron Building, at the intersection of 7th Ave and W23rd. With so many options, taking the subway to the office is easy!

2. Cycling Commute

What better way to go green or enjoy a beautiful day than to ride a bicycle to work? Bicycling is catching on as an alternative form of transportation, and many bike commuters use Citi Bike. If you are interested in biking to work, you’re in luck: Citi Bike has three bike docks surrounding Madison Square Park in the Flatiron District.

3. Easy Busing

For those who choose to take the bus, the Flatiron District is still a convenient location. M1, M2, and M3 run both North and South through the area, while M5 also passes by on its way South.

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