20 Mar 2017

Why Open-Office Space Design is Popular with Tech and Design Companies in Manhattan

Mar 20 2017
20 Mar 2017
Why Open-Office Space Design is Popular with Tech and Design Companies in Manhattan

An open-office plan can benefit a company’s productivity, which is why so many tech and design companies in Manhattan are using at least partial open-office design concepts in their office space. Like all trends, it has its detractors, but used well, an open office will help your company grow.

Leveling the Field

An open-office space removes old status symbols like the size and location of a private office. Building your company culture around an open design means accessible managers and less intimidating hierarchy. One managing director interviewed by Digiday for an article on the death of cubicles argued that open offices made moving up in a company “not about where you sit. It’s about what you do and what you contribute.”


Open-office floor plans are believed to promote creativity and productivity. In fact, tech giants such as Facebook and Google are popularizing this concept. Having an open-office floor plan creates flexibility for you to make tweaks here and there to boost your employees’ productivity.

Sometimes, employees will need to shut out everything around them in order to concentrate on a specific task. Open floor plans can often make this difficult. However, with movable furniture like couches, desks and walls, employees can create other spaces that fit their exact needs and prevent distractions, therefore increasing productivity.

Have you ever noticed that you seem most productive when you get your work done in a coffee shop or café? This is because sometimes people enjoy working in busy environment with comfortable furniture. Coffee shops also eliminate assigned seating arrangements, which can lead to higher productivity and collaboration. By not having assigned seating, workers can discover where they work best on certain tasks.


Not only will managers be more accessible in an open design, but so will coworkers. Manhattan’s tech and creative companies thrive on collaboration, and coworkers who see each other daily are much more likely to work together, even informally.

Open-office space, especially if combined with movable furniture, allows for group brainstorming sessions, both formal and informal. Want ideas to pitch to a client? Schedule a time for the whole table to discuss possibilities, or pull a few desks together. Trying to find the perfect phrase to express an idea? Ask the person next to you.


Open offices are easier to rearrange and expand. For a fast-growing company, this can be essential. With office and cubicles, there’s either a desk free or there isn’t. In an open office, desks can be rearranged to make space, or another chair can be pulled up to the table.

Even if you are not planning a major expansion, the ability to reorganize teams or locate employees by project is invaluable. Private offices and cubicles lock you in. Open-office design concepts allow companies to organize as needed in an ever-changing market.


Cubicles can be depressing. Open offices allow for more natural light, better air flow, and a sense of community. Coworkers who see each other daily and get to know each other make a better team. Everyone can be in the loop, and the energy of the office can impress visitors.

Low Cost

One side benefit of open office plans is the lower cost of both building and maintaining them. Fewer walls are built, resources can be shared, and the office itself will likely have a smaller footprint. In New York City, with space at a premium, office size is a serious consideration. On top of that, open-office designs are easier to light, heat, and cool.

Open-office design concepts can benefit your business. Consider the possibilities of some of our floor plans and pre-built layouts.

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